Degrees in Epistemology and Beyond (14-15 November 2022, University of Zurich)

Graded notions seem to be central to epistemology (e.g., degrees of belief, degrees of justification, rationality). Yet, they also seem to lead to puzzles and create complications for otherwise very plausible views. Looking beyond epistemology might be useful for a better understanding degrees in epistemology. The present workshop aims to gather researchers from different fields working on gradable aspects/notions. Both descriptive and normative aspects will be covered. We will have talks from epistemologists and researchers working on related topics in metaethics, moral philosophy, philosophy of language, linguistics, and philosophy of mind. The workshop is supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation research project on graded epistemology (

Workshop announcement on the Agenda (UZH):

Attendance is free, and the workshop is open to the public, but please send an email to to register. Please contact Arturs Logins for further questions.


November 14 (Room: SOE-E-2)

9.00 am  Sam Carter (ACU) ‘Weak Knowledge’

Comment: Benoît Gaultier (University of Zurich),

10.30 am Break

10.45 am Dana Nelkin (UCSD) ‘Degrees of Liability and Blame’

Comment: Marie van Loon (University of Zurich)

12.15 am Lunch (not organized)

1.30 pm Daniel Lassiter (University of Edinburgh) ‘How can we know if something comes in degrees?’

Comment: Kyryll Khromov (University of Geneva)

3.00 pm Break

3.15 pm Robert Michels (LanCog, Centre of Philosophy, University of Lisbon) ‘Graded Properties’

Comment: Alexander Belak (University of Zurich)

Dinner (organized, please register)

November 15 (Change of room!! Room: KO2-F-152 EV)

9.00 am Paul Egré (Institut Jean Nicod) ‘Truth is flat and bumpy – on the Gradability of « true »‘

Comment: Markus Kneer (University of Zurich),

10.30 pm Break

10.45 am Jörg Löschke, (University of Zurich), ‘Threshold deontology, vagueness, and degrees of rightness’

Comment: Nathanaël Colin-Jaeger (University of Fribourg),

12.15 am Lunch (not organized)

1.30 pm Moritz Schulz, (TU Dresden), ‘Grading Reasons? The Problem of Decisions to Blame’

Comment: Jacques-Henri Vollet (Paris-Est Créteil),

3.00 pm Break

3.15 pm Julien Dutant (KCL) ‘A Theory of Degrees of Justification’

Comment: Philippe Colo (ETH Zurich),

Dinner (organized, please register)