Genevan Epistemology Reading Group 2017

During the Spring term 2017, I will organize a weekly reading group in epistemology at the University of Geneva. The reading group will have the following format:

  • week A: a short presentation (5 min) and then discussion of an article (or book chapter) that might be relevant for the new SNSF research project « Knowledge, Action, and Factive Mental States » (with a particular focus, during this term, on the role of knowledge in the explanation of action).
  • week B: « open stage » – a short presentation (5 min) and then discussion of a recent paper in epistemology on any topic (agreed by the participants beforehand); or a presentation of a paper/talk in epistemology (work in progress included) by anyone interested.

Open to everyone (students of all levels included), previous acquaintance with topics in epistemology will be presupposed. It will be also presupposed that participants have read the paper of the weak before the meeting. If you are interested in presenting your work please contact Arturs Logins.

Venue: Uni Bastions, room B 107

Time: Fridays, 10 – 12.


24.02.2017: « Week A ». Text: Timothy Williamson « Acting on Knowledge », forthcoming, draft of chapter in J.A. Carter, E. Gordon, and B. Jarvis (eds.), Knowledge-First, OUP (a draft accessible on Williamson’s homepage).

03.03.2017: « Week B ». Arturs Logins (Geneva). « In defence of the positive probabilistic model of evidential support » (work in progress)

10.03.2017: NO MEETING [there is a workshop on art, emotions and mental states]

17.03.2017: « Week A ». Text: Jennifer Nagel « Factive and non-factive mental state attribution« , forthcoming, Mind & Language.

24.03.2017: « Weak B ». Jacques Vollet (Geneva). « Intellectualism and the Certainty Norm of Assertion » (work in progress)

31.03.2017: « Weak A ». Jeremy Fantl, « What Is to Be Happy That P?« , Ergo, 2015

07.04.2017: « Weak B ». Kevin Mulligan (Geneva/Lugano). « Intentionality, Reasons and Motives » (work in progress)

14.04.2017: *no meeting*


28.04.2017: « Week A ». Yair Levy, « Intentional action first », AJoP, 2013

05.05.2017: « Weak B ». Paolo Natali (Geneva). Acting and Willing the Good in Plato’s Gorgias.

12.05.2017: « Week B »: Kim Frost, On the Very Idea of Direction of Fit, Philosophical Review, 2014

19.05.2017: *no meeting*

26.05.2017 « Week B »: Kim Frost, On the Very Idea of Direction of Fit, Philosophical Review, 2014 (sections 3 – 5)

02.06.2017: *no meeting* – WORKSHOP « Pragmatic Clutch »:

09.06.2017 *no meeting* – Workshop « Simulation and thought experiment »,

16.06.2017 *no meeting* – Workshop « Anton Marty and Contemporary Philosophy »

Contact Arturs Logins for more info (Arturs DOT Logins AT unige DOT ch).