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I am a Swiss National Science Foundation Ambizione Fellow at the University of Zürich. Previously, I was a postdoc at the Swiss Center for Affective Sciences and Department of Philosophy, University of Geneva (see here for more). Still, before that, I was a visiting postdoc at the University of Southern California. I specialize in epistemology and in foundational normative questions, but I am also interested in philosophy of language. I have focused my research on three main questions: What are normative reasons in general? How do we think about graded notions in epistemology? What are the consequences within and outside epistemology of taking knowledge as fundamental and explanatorily prime? These general research questions correspond to my three main research programs. See my research statement for more on these.

I am also a member of ZEGRA (Zurich Epistemology Group on Rationality).

Selected Publications


  • Normative Reasons: Between Reasoning and Explanation, under contract with Cambridge University Press (Cambridge Studies in Philosophy series)


Full list of publications