[*The above transcription of my name is in Latvian. I prefer Latvian transcription of my name for official and semi-official venues, e.g., publications. Yet, in everyday contexts, I am happy to switch to English/French transcription ‘Arturs’].


  • Normative Reasons: Between Reasoning and Explanation, Cambridge University Press, 2022. Available in the Open Access format online: HERE.

Edited Volumes

  • (with Jacques Vollet) Putting Knowledge to Work: New Directions for Knowledge-First Epistemology, under contract with Oxford University Press


Book Reviews

  • Review of M.McBride, Basic Knowledge and Conditions on Knowledge, dialectica, 73:1, (2020): 280-285.
  • Wittgenstein en bioéthique, [Review of Ali Benmakhlouf La force de raisons], in En attendant Nadeau, 9 avril, 2019,

Invited Articles

  • Epistemic Justification, Normative Guidance, and Knowledge, in Dutant, J., Fassio D. and Meylan A. (eds.) Liber Amicorum Pascal EngelUniversity of Geneva, pp 169-185, 2014.
  • Epistémologie de la foi. Revue Aletheia, No 43, Juin, 2013.

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