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I am a philosopher and have focused my research on three main questions: What are normative reasons in general? How do we think about graded notions in epistemology? What are the consequences within and outside epistemology of taking knowledge as fundamental and explanatorily prime?

[The above transcription of my name is in Latvian. I prefer Latvian transcription of my name for official and semi-official venues, e.g., publications. Yet, in everyday contexts, I am happy to switch to English/French transcription ‘Arturs’].

Selected Publications


  • Normative Reasons: Between Reasoning and Explanation, Cambridge University Press, 2022. Available in the Open Access format online: HERE.

Edited Volumes

  • (with Jacques Vollet) Putting Knowledge to Work: New Directions for Knowledge-First Epistemology, under contract with Oxford University Press


Full list of publications

Workshop: Degrees of Belief and Related Beasts, 14 December 2022, University of Zurich.

Workshop: Degrees in Epistemology and Beyond, 14-15 November 2022, University of Zurich